Bruce Munro: Tropical Light – Artistic Cultural Program to feature Larrakia Artists

Bruce Munro’s Tropical Light exhibition will showcase four local Larrakia Nation artists as part of the Artistic Cultural Program from January to April this year.

Jason Lee, Lynette Fejo, Shaun Lee and Trent Lee are featured in the Program and will ‘pop up’ their work along the Tropical Light exhibition path, sharing specific stories around Larrakia culture during the Tropical Summer season.

Larrakia Nation Chief Executive Officer Robert Cooper said the Larrakia Hosts program has been instrumental in linking the Larrakia people with new and relevant activities in Darwin.

“We are pleased to see involvement in promoting Darwin with such a well-known figure as Bruce Munro, and were honoured to have Bruce as a guest at our offices to talk through the program in person,” he said.

Trent Lee will install up to 40 Magpie Geese sculptures along the 2.5km arts trail, highlighting the ritual of the water birds during ‘Mayilema’ (Wet Season) from the end of February to the start of May, when the geese are laying their eggs on the flood plain and it is time to collect them. Mr Lee said he was excited for his work to be a part of the exhibition.

“It’s a great honour. My project of multiple fauna sculptures features around 40 Magpie Geese to celebrate the last few months of the Tropical Summer, which in Larrakia is Mayilema season,” he said.

“In keeping with the focus on light, the Magpie Geese sculptures will be spread out like they would on the flood plains with solar powered lights underneath to show the reflection of the moon and the stars.”

Larrakia Nation Artist Lynette Fejo said she was proud that the Darwin Larrakia-Belyuen dancers have a chance to be part of the program.

“Ten adults and six children will perform live traditional dances at different sites along the exhibition trail of the Bruce Munro: Tropical Light exhibition. It is a great opportunity to showcase our work,” he said.

Pop up works will share dance, light and 3D sculptures to activate the city throughout the exhibition and provide locals and visitors with another reason to visit the CBD during the Tropical Summer.

The exhibition highlights cultural stories of place and time through Bruce Munro’s illuminated sculptures, local Darwin artists’ pieces and the words and works of local Larrakia people, including the audio tour app.

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