WHS Induction

Who needs to complete the NTMEC Work Health Safety (WHS) Induction?

  • Anyone who requires access to the event site during bump-in/bump-out phase.
  • All NT Major Events appointed workforce including casual event staff engaged by CoreStaff

Why do I need to complete an Induction?

Simple answer: For your Safety and the Safety of those around you!

Inductions ensures that everyone involved understands the Work Health Safety site rules and responsibilities for each event. Each event and venue is different (each year!), so you will be required to complete an Induction for each event that you are involved in.

The Induction Process

Each induction takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed (and passed) your Induction, a certificate will be issued. You will need to print the Certificate, or have it readily available on your phone - when you arrive on site for the first time you will need to attend the event site office to receive your bump in pass or accreditation.

Completing your induction means you automatically apply for a bump in pass.


There are no current WHS Induction required at this stage.