NT Major Event Company Board

2014 - 2015 

Message from the Chairman

2015 was a significant year for all stakeholders of the Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) as Mr Paul Cattermole, having managed the company since its inception, retired as General Manager. Paul displayed extraordinary vision and commitment to the company in promoting and delivering a number of events integral to the social structure of the Northern Territory for the benefit of all Territorians. He will be well remembered for his contribution. 

With change often comes opportunity and NTMEC has secured the services of an events industry specialist Mr Andrew Hopper. Andrew brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and is energetically leading the company going

NTMEC successfully delivered a broad based suite of events over the last financial year, including the remarkable Borella Ride, showcasing a rich and significant piece of the Territory’s history. Information on each of the events is included in this report.

In order to deliver great events you need an even greater team and to that end NTMEC has a wonderfully competent and committed team, who deliver each and every time.

The year ahead will see further development of the company with FestivalsNT joining the fold. Event development and a more holistic whole of Government approach will see new events launched for the benefit of the Northern Territory. 

I would like to thank my fellow Board of Directors, and specifically acknowledge the work and direction provided by the previous Chair Mr Michael Bridge.

Alistair Feehan, Chairman


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