Arafura Games: Locals Create Revitalised Medal Ceremonies

Goannas, reclaimed wood from Cyclone Marcus, clapsticks and the didgeridoo will all feature in the Arafura Games medal ceremonies, giving the events a distinct Territory flavour.

Larrakia artist Dotty Fejo designed the gold, silverand bronze medals, which feature a striking goanna design. Dotty’s art is unique in the way she uses lines to create a 3D effect, and her medal design is no exception with curved lines creating the sense of goannas swimming in freshwater. These are not just medals – they are works of art.

Darwin artist and sculptor Joel Mitchell designed the podiums and medal trays, crafting each unique piece from reclaimed timber salvaged from trees felled by Cyclone Marcus last year.

Joel is passionate about conservation and revealing the beauty of discarded timber, and he used three different types of wood for the different medals – Raintree will represent first place, Ghost Gum second and African Mahogany third. Embracing the inclusivity of the Games, the podiums will be designed in such a way they will be easily accessible for athletes with a disability.

Larrakia artist Tony “Duwun” Lee is creating the fanfare music in collaboration with musician Michael Tan.  A combination of clapsticks and the didgeridoo with a melodic, orchestral theme, the fanfare will be played at each medal ceremony.

Arafura Games Medal Reveal

Arafura Games medal and winners’ podium reveal! Beautifully designed by talented Northern Territory artist Dotty Fejo & Joel Mitchell. Good luck to our winners this year! Don’t forget to register to be a part of this iconic event 🤩🥇🥈🥉#AG2019 #ArafuraGames #BoundlessPossible #Darwin #NTAustralia #Volunteer #Community

Posted by Arafura Games on Thursday, 14 March 2019